Hardware and Software

Hardware and software is here to stay.
Of course these days,  there are more options open to you if you’re facing a consolidation or refresh exercise….

Hardware/Software Refresh

As many operating systems fall by the wayside due to age or lack of support, contact us to understand what this means and how you can minimise the disruption of software and hardware upgrades.

Server Consolidation

As technology and therefore hardware gets cheaper, viable alternatives exist for consolidating your room full of legacy servers into one, with all the necessary redundancy built in.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Many cloud based services now exist, offering Platform as a Service (PaaS). Brimstone can offer cloud based alternatives on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Email Services

If you’re looking to move away from that mammoth Exchange server chewing through your budget, Brimstone has a number of alternatives, with Office 365, Google Apps for Business or even a build-your-own cloud based email server for complete flexibility.