Database Reporting and Analytics

Brimstone has experience with making sense of your databases, spreadsheets, legacy Access databases and in fact any data source.

In order to make sense of the data, various database systems can be employed, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Click below to read about Brimstone’s work for Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council:

OMBC Brimstone Case Study.PDF

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Database Migrations

Brimstone has extensive experience with migrating data from one system to another, whether that be Excel or Access, up to migrating enterprise database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL.

Data Extract/Transform/Load

The art of taking what you have, transforming, validating and loading into another system for onward reporting.


Knowledge and experience in installing and configuring major database vendor platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL & MongoDB.


Of course, there’s not much sense in going to all the trouble of extracting your data and loading it into to your new shiny system, to then leave it alone and unloved. That’s where Brimstone’s experience comes into play, giving the option of multiple reporting systems to make use of your data.  From simple Excel pivot results to dynamic, data driven PDF output.